Frequently asked Questions

What are the key benefits of using Magnesium Oil?

The benefits are endless, and topical magnesium allows magnesium to be directly absorbed into the cells;

  • Improving sleep
  • Reducing muscles aches and pains
  • Reducing muscle cramps and spasms
  • Increasing Performance
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reducing skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis

Magnesium and your skin

According to many sources, Magnesium helps improve your skin's overall appearance, reducing acne and other skin disorders by lowering cortisol levels, stabilising hormonal imbalances and improving cellular processes.

What is Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium oil facilitates topical delivery (through the skin) of magnesium chloride. It is well documented that most of the magnesium in oral capsule supplements is lost in the digestive system or eliminated by the body, not reaching the cells that need it. Our easy to use spray means that you can apply magnesium straight to tired muscles, sore joints or to your stomach for a sound sleep.

How is Magnesium Oil different from powders and tablets?

Magnesium oil can be applied straight to the skin for optimal absorption, rather than relying on the (often malfunctioning) digestive tract like powders and pills. By bypassing the digestive system, it goes straight into the bloodstream and is delivered to the cells that need it

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Why Is Magnesium As A Supplement Important?

It is essential for over 300 different chemical reactions in the body, including maintaining your energy level, helping you relax, and sustaining the health of your heart and blood vessels. Unfortunately, in most of the developed world, magnesium deficiency is probably the most common nutritional deficiency. Because it has so many crucial functions, and because it appears to protect us from serious conditions that are most prevalent in the developed world, magnesium really is the “miracle mineral.”

How Does Magnesium Oil Help With Sleep?

Magnesium is vital for the function of GABA receptors, which exist across all areas of the brain and nervous system. GABA is a calming neurotransmitter that the brain requires to switch off; without it, we remain tense, our thoughts race and we lie in bed staring at the ceiling. Salt Lab users now see their lives in two parts; one before they discovered Salt Lab, and one after.

Why Does Magnesium Oil Sting, Tingle, Itch When Applied To The Skin?

This can be a clear sign of magnesium deficiency, don’t let this deter you, the high concentrate of Mineral Co. will have this cured in no time. You can dilute with water (60:40), or add some coconut oil after application to make this tingle a little less uncomfortable without missing out on the benefits.

Can Magnesium Oil be used throughout pregnancy?

Definitely! There are no nasties in our products, it is all natural and is safe for you and your bub throughout pregnancy and post pregnancy. Not only will it help with the aches and pains our bodies experience during pregnancy, it will help with ensuring you get a good night sleep and can be applied directly to your sore areas (ie: lower back or the dreaded calf cramps). Magnesium is an essential mineral to support the growth of a healthy bub and our need for this mineral increases when we are pregnant. As all pregnancies are different we always recommend consulting your GP prior to using any supplements to ensure it is right for you.

Magnesium oil for pregnancy

Who is Magnesium Oil designed for?

The simple answer is everyone. Magnesium oil will not only assist with the treatment of cramps, spasms and aches, sleep, stress and general well-being, but deficiency has also been linked to decreased memory and learning ability. Increasing magnesium levels can improve cognitive function in children, the elderly and those experiencing high levels of stress - both emotionally and physically. Magnesium will assist athletic performance by reducing accumulation of lactic acid and reducing the perception of fatigue during strenuous exercise. Magnesium fights inflammation, raises antioxidant levels, and helps replenish energy stores in the muscle. It also calms the central nervous system, lowering heart rate and enabling restful sleep.

What does topical/transdermal mean?

Topical/Transdermal refers to elements passing through the skin; transdermal magnesium absorption therefor means that magnesium can pass into the epidermis, where they are quickly transported to cells throughout the body, avoiding problems with gastrointestinal irritation and diarrhoea, through bypassing the digestive system entirely where many nutrients are lost.

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