About Us

Founded in 2020, Mineral Co. is a small business based in Melbourne that creates locally-made products for overall health and wellness. Our philosophy is centred around the belief that true health and wellness come from nourishing our bodies with the right nutrients and ingredients.

At the heart of our business is magnesium, a vital mineral in our bodies. Magnesium is involved in the processes critical for many of our body's functions, including nerve and muscle function, energy production, and bone health. Unfortunately, a lot of people are deficient in this important mineral, which can lead to a wide range of health problems.

That's why we have made it our mission to create a range of magnesium-based products that help our customers get the magnesium they need for optimal health. Our products are locally produced in Melbourne. We use only the highest-quality ingredients to ensure our customers get the best possible results.

Our bodies are amazing machines capable of incredible things but they need the right fuel to function optimally.

That's why we have focused our products on magnesium. This vital mineral is crucial to many of our body's functions.  From improving sleep, reducing stress, easing muscle soreness, and promoting healthy skin, magnesium is a versatile mineral that can benefit us in many ways. 

We aim to provide our customers with all-natural magnesium products free from harmful chemicals and additives. 

By sourcing our ingredients, producing locally, and supporting other local businesses, we can contribute to the local economy and help create a more sustainable future for our community.

Our business is built on the belief that good health is fundamental for a happy and fulfilling life. We are committed to providing our community with products that help support their health and well-being while contributing to the local economy and our community.

We are sure you will love our Mineral Co. range as much as we do x


Our product is 100% natural, vegan and Australian-made and owned.